Growing Kids and Trees

For Virginia's Forests

We provide seedlings for youth planting projects through a partnership with the VA. Cooperative Extension 4H, VA Department of Forestry, VA Forestry Educational Foundation, Virginia's Customer Owned Electric Cooperatives, Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, and Huber Engineered Woods.

White pine seedlings are generally available without restriction for Blue Ridge Counties and west. Loblolly pine seedlings are available for Blue Ridge counties and east. Hardwood seedlings are dependent on grant funding and are available on a limited basis depending on where you live.

Extension Agents: Request pine seedlings from your County Forester by January 10, 2016. Request hardwood seedling from your District Extension Forestry agent. 

Everyone else: Request seedlings from your 4-H Extension Agent.

Note: Contact your local Extension Office for hardwood species that are available in your area.

Seedling delivery dates will vary by county. Contact your 4-H Extension Agent, Program Assistant or 4-H Volunteer for details.

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